Much needed blog improvements

Much needed blog improvements

Yesterday I had a realisation about the blog - it’s slow. Granted, due to Internet speeds being relatively fast in comparison to the content being loaded from this blog, it was still super slow. I spent the last couple of hours fine tuning it to improve it’s speed dramatically by:

  • Making use of pagination (splitting the front page into 5 to reduce initial loading time)
  • Including a “read more” button on each post instead of loading the whole post

Other improvements already implemented include removing unnecessary html content from the main page as well as CloudFlareifying the content (even if I don’t fully agree with their business practices).

These improvements have made the blog run at lightening speed (see below) compared to how it was before. I hope you enjoy the extra speed and lower bandwidth footprint! On with the research for the next post…

Todays banner image is “Midsummer lightening” by Jarle D and is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0 (found using CC Search).

Thanks for reading! As always reader participation is not just welcomed, but encouraged! If you have any suggestions, corrections or anything in between, feel free to leave a comment.

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